Sonia Paradell

 “Regret what you do, not what you don’t”

I am an open and dynamic person. I love to deal with new challenges and find different ways to see and observe, always ready to take action. My mind if always full of new ideas and projects I want to develope.

In the last years I have been working as a freelancer collaborating in architecture projects in Germany and managing my first projects as interior designer. I learnt to solve problems by myself and develope confidence on what I do.

Apart from my career in interior design and architecture, I developed a great passion for textile arts as a new way to express myself and do something with my hands, going back to the roots. You can see some of my creations at

Out-of-the-box Power

30 Marzo, 2017 Lifestyle

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2 Ottobre, 2017 a 6:48 am

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2 Ottobre, 2017 a 6:49 am

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