Sonia Paradell

 “Regret what you do, not what you don’t”

I am an open and dynamic person. I love to deal with new challenges and find different ways to see and observe, always ready to take action. My mind if always full of new ideas and projects I want to develope.

In the last years I have been working as a freelancer collaborating in architecture projects in Germany and managing my first projects as interior designer. I learnt to solve problems by myself and develope confidence on what I do.

Apart from my career in interior design and architecture, I developed a great passion for textile arts as a new way to express myself and do something with my hands, going back to the roots. You can see some of my creations at

Publish Anywhere

30 Marzo, 2017 Lifestyle

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6 Giugno, 2017 a 9:16 am

Observe the small design details and where they are placed within the page. In the near future, you may want to change some of these details, such as the color of the title in the white box at the top of the page. If you remember that it is called the header, then you will know to look within the header section of your style sheet (the file that controls the look of your web page), when you want to make changes to it.

6 Giugno, 2017 a 9:16 am

Again, in the single post, pay attention to the layout and notice what is now different about the design elements. Is the header different? Smaller, larger, or a different color? Is there a sidebar?


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